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Caregiver Agencies Don’t Thoroughly Vet Employees

Panama City, FL- When an older adult is unable to care for themselves but want to stay in their homes, hiring a caregiver seems like a great alternative. But a prior study has shown that caregiver agencies don’t thoroughly vet their employees, so clients get inferior care and are sometimes harmed.

Results of the study

A […]

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Nursing Home Abuse Protections in Texas

Houston, TX- Elderly Americans are vulnerable to abuse and neglect, especially if the rely on others for care or suffer from a cognitive disorder. Protecting our elders should be a top priority in each state, but recent analysis shows that some states aren’t providing seniors or their families the resources necessary to prevent elder abuse […]

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Understaffing and Horrible Conditions in Largest Chain of Nursing Homes

Albuquerque, NM- Understaffing is a chronic problem in nursing homes across the U.S. It is also a major problem from one the nation’s largest nursing home chains, Preferred Care Partners Management Group, which is currently the subject of the fraud lawsuit filed by the New Mexico Attorney General’s office.

The NM Attorney General’s case

NPR reports that […]

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Birmingham, AL Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect lawyer discusses facts about abuse and neglect in Alabama’s long-term care facility

Birmingham, AL-Too many seniors in Alabama are neglected in their homes or long-term care facilities across the state. That neglect can take many forms and negatively impacts the emotional and physical well-being of a senior. In this article, our team of […]

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Birmingham, AL Nursing Home Abuse

USAttorneys discusses disturbing facts about nursing home abuse in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AL- For so many of Birmingham’s seniors, a nursing home or other long-term care facility is their only choice. If a senior is lucky the facility they live in will provide them with superior care and protect them from neglect and abuse, but that […]

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Elder Financial Abuse in North Carolina

Nursing home abuse lawyer in North Carolina discusses financial exploitation of the elderly

Wilmington, NC- Elderly Americans face abuse and neglect in their homes and nursing homes, and one the leading types of abuse is financial exploitation. In this article, our team of elder abuse lawyers in North Carolina will cover some basics of elder financial […]

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Heroin Overdoses in Chicago Nursing Home

Chicago, IL- Nursing home neglect is a rampant problem in the U.S. with nearly 10 percent of seniors experiencing abuse and neglect each year. Elder neglect can take many forms, but not many cases involve staff looking the other way while someone sells heroin to residents causing several of them to overdose.

Fox News reports that […]

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Infections in Illinois Nursing Homes

Chicago, IL- Nursing home neglect can take many forms and impact residents in a variety of ways. One possible sign of nursing home neglect is an infection. A recent nursing home neglect claim in Illinois shows the consequences of a nursing home neglect.

A recent lawsuit, filed in Cook County, the estate of a woman living […]

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New York Nursing Home Resident Rights

Nursing home abuse lawyer in Buffalo discuss the rights of long-term care residents

Buffalo, NY- Some Buffalo seniors need to go into a nursing home for a temporary rehabilitation or the long-term, but they and their families have concerns. That’s with good reason since a simple internet search will yield countless stories of elder abuse […]

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Rochester, New York Nursing Home Neglect

USAttorneys discusses facts about nursing home neglect.

Rochester, NY- Too many seniors who live in nursing homes become the victims of neglect. Neglect can take many forms and over time can impact their mental and physical well-being. This article will discuss some of the basics of nursing home neglect and what a family can do to […]

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